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Falling branch kills 8 year old in playground

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This tragedy could have been avoided!  If you are responsible for a school – have your trees inspected by a qualified arborist consultant.

What is a tree inspection, and how can it help? Read on for more information.

There are two different types of tree inspection reports, the tree survey and the tree inspection.

Tree survey report

A tree survey report is the best way to manage a number of trees on a property. The locations of the trees are recorded on a site map. Each tree receives a thorough visual inspection from the ground. Any significant observations are noted down, along with any necessary action to care for the tree or manage any defects and hazards in the tree. A tree survey report is the most practical and cost effective way to inspect a number of trees on one property, for example, a school, a park, or a large garden.
Tree inspection report

This is usually an inspection of a single tree, and is a much more detailed inspection than the tree survey.  Often the tree will be climbed to ensure that every inch of the tree is inspected, and any defects or hazards not visible from the ground are identified.  A detailed report is written describing the trees health and structural integrity.  All defects that require attention are clearly identified, and practical recommendations are made to remedy all defects.

Make sure any defects and hazards in your trees are identified and taken care of!

Usually the action taken to remedy defects and hazards involves various pruning methods to remove hazards or to prevent defects from developing into hazards. Sometimes installing rope braces can save a tree that would otherwise have to be removed. Occasionally a tree is recommended for removal, but this is always the last resort when there is no other option.
Health and safety

Both of the tree inspection methods mentioned above come with a detailed but easy to read report. This is written proof that you have taken care of your health and safety obligations. Don’t wait until there is an accident like the one above! Take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of everyone on your property with a tree survey or a tree inspection report.