About Us

Why we're here

Groundzone Tree Care was started in response to a growing need in the community for qualified arborists who are properly trained and qualified to care for trees and shrubs.

There are too many tree workers out there who know how to use a chainsaw and claim to be arborists, but don’t really know how to correctly prune each of the many species of trees and shrubs.

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Who we are

We are qualified arborists who love our trees.  We know how trees work and we know how to look after them with a combined 35 years of tree care experience.

We have many techniques and tricks to work on the most difficult trees in the most difficult situations.  We are trained and qualified to properly prune and safely remove trees and shrubs of all types and sizes.

Why work with us?

We take great pride in the appearance of your trees and your property.  When our work is complete your trees and shrubs will look amazing and your property will be exceptionally clean and tidy.  We have an outstanding reputation that we will continue to uphold.

If you need qualified professionals who know what they are doing – you need Groundzone Tree Care!