Anyone can pick up some tools and start tree cutting, leaving the tree looking hacked and unsightly.  A real arborist with good tree pruning skills can reduce the size of a tree, and it will still look great afterwards.

Ornamental Tree Pruning - Why Prune Your Trees


Easy for a qualified arborist to do, but with outstanding visual effects.  Trees and shrubs that are misshapen or unbalanced can be easily pruned to restore their natural shape and beauty.  Our arborists shape large trees, small trees, and shrubs.


Are you worried about the size of your trees and shrubs?  Would you like to keep them to a manageable size?

Our arborists can reduce the height and width of your trees and shrubs leaving them smaller, well shaped and attractive. Have a look at the before and after photo of the Gleditsia tree below.  The tree is much smaller after our arborists have reduced it’s height, but it is still attractive and natural in appearance.

When our arborists have finished a tree trimming job, we often hear comments like “It looks so good, you wouldn’t even know it has been pruned!”


Is your house dark or your lawn and garden struggling for light?  There are several tree pruning methods our arborists can use to increase the amount of light in your property:

  • Thinning the canopy will allow more sunlight to filter through, while retaining your tree’s original size and appearance.
  • Removing lower limbs will allow more morning or afternoon sun to pass under the canopy.
  • Reducing the height and/or width can make a big difference to the amount of sunlight passing over and around the tree.

An arborist can use any one (or a combination) of the tree pruning methods above to get more light through.  When the tree trimming is finished, your trees will still look natural and attractive (if a Groundzone Tree Care arborist does the pruning!).


Did you once have a fantastic view that is being blocked by trees?  Tree pruning can greatly improve your view the following ways:

  • Pruning and thinning to create windows and vistas through the canopies.
  • Removing lower limbs to improve the view under the canopies.
  • Reducing the height to allow view over the top of the trees.
  • Reducing the width to allow view around the trees.

As we are a local tree company, our arborists regularly carry out tree pruning around homes and gardens to improve the view.


Do you have trees near buildings or overhanging car parks?  Are there playgrounds under your trees?  Tree pruning can increase safety by:

  • Removing dead limbs.
  • Pruning to reduce the weight of long heavy limbs.
  • Removing cracked limbs and other hazardous limbs.
  • Reducing the sail area of trees that are prone to blowing over.

Do you need a tree inspection report for a dangerous tree?

Call in our consulting arborist to carry out a tree inspection.  Our tree consultancy service can include a written arborist report if necessary.  For more information click here to view our tree inspection and tree consultancy page.


Tree pruning to remove dead, diseased, and weak branches will improve the health of your trees.  Removal of double trunks and pruning to improve the structure of your trees will ensure they have a good strong structure to last for many years.  An arborist spending a few minutes pruning a young tree to improve its form and structure can save hours of work in the years to come.


Do you have one fruit tree or a whole orchard?  We would love to hear from you.

Fruit trees are not all the same and each different type of fruit tree requires different pruning methods.  Proper fruit tree pruning will greatly enhance your fruit production and will result in healthier trees that will produce fruit for many years to come.  Incorrect pruning, however, will decrease fruit production and will damage your trees.

Contact us for expert advice and pruning of your fruit trees.


Our arborists prune and shape shrubs of all kinds and sizes.  The olive below is a large shrub.  We also prune, trim, shape and thin small shrubs.

We are experts in properly thinning and shaping camellias.

Do you want fantastic roses?  Our arborists are rose pruning professionals.


The branches we prune from the trees and shrubs are put through a chipper.  We can chip branches and logs up to 9 inches in diameter.  The chipper discharges the wood chip into our truck.  This is a very efficient and cost effective way to take away a large volume of branches in a very short time.  We can then very easily take the wood chip away, or tip it off on site if you would like to keep it for garden mulch.  The wood chip we take away is added to our wood chip supply.

See the photos below of a large limb being put through one of our chippers.

What our clients have to say

If I looked on the ground I would question whether you had actually been here, because you left it so tidy!  But when I look up at the trees I can see that yes you have been here!  The trees all look magnificent!  Thank you!

Morag here from King st.  I am really delighted by the job done at my place today.  Simply first class.  Every area trimmed or removed to perfection and an immaculate clean up.  A big thanks from Tim and I to yourself and your great staff.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job trimming the camellias.  They look amazing!

ABC Rototuna used Groundzone, the guys were fast and professional, the accommodated the shifting around the different areas to accommodate the routines of the centre, they left it clean and tidy, and the trees look great we have already had many comments on the look of the outside areas.  Thanks to the two hard workers.

We are very pleased indeed with the pruning done by your very helpful staff – we also appreciate their expert knowledge and suggestions for making decisions about our trees etc. You are welcome to put these comments on one of your review sites.  Thanks so much.

Fantastic job with fantastic people! Very professional, awesome cleaning up and everything looked great at the end! Thanks guys, we will definitely get you again!

Thank you so much for an awesome job, we are rapt.  Your guys left it very tidy too.  They were lovely guys and so nice to deal with.  There were no hold ups or hang ups at all.  Please thank them so much for all their hard work.

We would also like to say that we sincerely appreciate the hard work and the professionalism shown by the men that attended our property and to thank you for re-arranging things so that our tree could be attended.  We would certainly recommend your services to friends and family in the future.

Thanks again for the job your guys did too, we are loving the extra sun we now get. Surprisingly we’re not feeling that much more exposed, so its been a win win situation.

I would just like to say what nice work your staff did for us.  We love how the back looks now.  Thanks very much!

Thanks to the team for the very efficient service provided last week – your team also do such a wonderful job of leaving the place so tidy as well as being most polite to everyone at our office.  We loved the excellent health & safety standards at work that the team observed too!

Awesome work on our trees.  Thanks to you and your team 🙂

I do want you to know that the 2 men who came to do the tree work at the rooms were so utterly helpful & nice – and obviously highly skilled.  We were delighted with the work they did & their whole attitude. With kind regards & thanks.

Very professional friendly team.  You did an awesome job guys.  We are so happy with the work.  Highly recommended.

Just to let you know that Ground Zone did a wonderful job with my trees. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.  Thanks.

Thanks guys for a great job on my trees. It was amazing how you did it. I would recommend you to anyone. Cheers.

Excellent service. First class professional job. The guys were a pleasure to have on the property, friendly, competent and knowledgeable. All are all qualified arborists so you get a wealth of sound information about your trees.

Thanks for the great job you did pruning our olive tree.  We have had several people comment to us how well done it is, and how nice it looks.  Thanks very much

These guys are good, very good. A great experience from start to finish. Excellent people to work with, nothing was too difficult. Highly recommended.

Great job on the trees last week, thank you!

We had Groundzone in to trim a very large camellia hedge, take the lower branches off a rimu tree, and remove a maple tree that had grown too large. The guys were all friendly, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They obviously all share a passion for trees. They arrived right on time, did a fantastic job and with the help of their new chipper made the section look even tidier than before they arrived. They even checked with the neighbour to ensure it was clean and tidy on their side of the hedge. We really enjoyed working with them, they listened to what we wanted and executed it perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others, definitely the best we have met in the business.

The team at Groundzone have done an excellent job at my place – am very pleased with the results and their efficient, thorough, friendly and professional service. Also very good value for money.

Groundzone did an amazing job on our Golden Elm Tree… removing large limbs and pruning & shaping outer & inner canopy. They were efficient and left everything tidy & neat. We are delighted with their work.