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Tree Removal Services Waikato

Are you dealing with trees that are getting too big, are in the way, struck by disease or in danger of falling? Get your trees removed safely and professionally by our Groundzone Arborists. 

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Tree felling and dismantling services 


For decades we’ve been removing trees in the Waipa and Waikato regions. We work for local businesses, corporates, farmers and homeowners. We have the certifications and tools to get trees removed safely without damaging nearby properties.   

Whether the tree removal would involve cranes or abseiling, we are equipped to fell trees of all different sizes and varieties. And, best of it all – we’re a tidy bunch too and know how important a good clean-up is afterwards. 

Our tree removal process 


  1. One of our Arborists will visit your site for a free consultation and quote
  2. We’ll send you the cost for our tree removal service
  3. Get the work scheduled and remove your trees
  4. Depending on your specific requests, we will remove the stump, branches and logs and leave the site clean and tidy.

What happens to the branches or logs?


We have a grunty wood chipper that can mulch branches up to 14 inches in diameter (350mm).

  • Woodchip / mulch can be:
    • Positioned on site for future garden mulch OR
    • Removed from site
  • Any logs or wood which will not fit through the chipper can be:
    • Cut into manageable lengths of your choice
    • Cut into rings and split for fire wood OR
    • Removed from site

The tree stump after removal 


Once the tree is removed, you’ll be left with the stump which we will cut as low as possible without hitting nearby debris or soil. You can also choose to have the stump ground out. Find more information about our Stump Grinding Services here.

Working on storm damage and tree removals


If your trees have been hit hard in a recent storm, we’ll happily inspect them and advise on the best steps forward. Whether we need to remove branches, help with storm damage cleanup or remove the damaged trees completely, we can help.  

Palm tree removals


Palm tree removal is a speciality and Groundzone have the tools for the job. Phoenix Palm, Mexican Fan Palms (Washingtonian Palms) and Fan Palms to name a few.

Groundzone are experts at Palm tree removal, find out more about our Palm tree removal service.

Get in touch with our friendly team for any tree removal questions

Dennis and Christine, Putaruru

Very friendly and great communication. We are very happy with the wood chip. Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

Dennis and Christine, Putaruru

Gary, Hamilton

Excellent product, have to love this stuff. If you want mulch get it here. Great communication and delivery skills. Thanks.

Gary, Hamilton

Midge, Puahue

I came out and saw you today to get a trailer load.  Please keep at least another 3 trailers for me.  PLEASE!  This stuff is brilliant, it sets my garden off just nice and looks great!  Will catch up with you after the long weekend and give you call on Tuesday.

Midge, Puahue