Staff Member places 2nd in climbing contest!

The smile of second place! Paul Connolly climbing a Eucalyptus tree.

The Waikato-Bay of Plenty Regional Tree Climbing Competition was held in mid September in the Hamilton gardens.  This competition attracts arborists (tree surgeons) from all over the region who come to test their climbing skills in five different events.

The events are:

  • Aerial rescue – A similated rescue of an injured tree climber, safely and quickly.
  • Throw line – A test of the arborist’s accuracy throwing a light line with a weight attached.  The line is thrown over specially marked limbs high in the tree, and a climbing rope is then installed in the tree with the line.
  • Work climb – A test of the arborists speed and agility climbing around a large tree, and performing various tasks.
  • Speed climb – A test of the arborists speed, climbing vertically up an upright tree with many side limbs, much like climbing a giant ladder!
  • Foot lock – A test of the arborists speed, climbing vertically up a suspended rope, without touching the tree, or using ascending equipment.

Paul will be joining the top few contestants from each region in New Zealand for the National tree climbing competition in Queenstown. This will be held in October this year. Groundzone tree care wishes Paul the very best for the competition and can’t wait to see the results! No pressure Paul!