Why hire an arborist?

Arborists are qualified professionals.

A qualified arborist (tree surgeon) is a specialist in tree care. To become a fully qualified arborist takes 2 to 3 years of full time study. Hiring a tree company is not something to be taken lightly. Be absolutely sure the tree company employs only qualified arborists and they know what they are doing. There are many unqualified tree hackers who pretend to be arborists, and the end result for your trees is always a disaster! Once your trees have been hacked by one of these cowboys it is often not possible to restore them to their original condition. Only a qualified arborist can provide you with a professional tree service.

Tree pruning/tree trimming

An arborist knows all of the many different species of trees, and is trained to care for them. Each species of tree responds differently to different pruning methods. A qualified arborist will know how each species of tree should be pruned.

Tree pruning is commonly carried out to improve a tree’s health, shape, and appearance. Also to clear overhanging branches from streets, foot paths, buildings and gardens. Tree pruning can increase light penetration by thinning, lifting and pruning back the tree’s canopy. The same can be done to restore a view that has been lost. A qualified arborist can identify hazardous trees and branches, and prune them to improve their safety. Fruit trees will greatly benefit from an annual prune. Make sure your tree pruning is carried out by a qualified arborist.

Tree removal

An arborist can remove any tree in any situation. Tree felling is the most efficient tree removal technique. The problem is that most trees in gardens and residential properties have very limited space around and under them. Many trees overhang buildings, fences, and other plants. In these situations a professional tree company will dismantle the tree in pieces to avoid taking any risks or causing any damage. Branches and trunks can be lowered gently to the ground with rigging ropes. Don’t risk damaging your property, have your tree removal carried out safely – call a qualified arborist!

Branch chipping & wood chip supply

After your tree pruning or tree removal is complete, the branches are put through a chipper which converts the branches and wood into a fine grade wood chip. Some arborists keep a stockpile of wood chip to supply as garden mulch. Wood chip is best left in a pile for 4 weeks after it is produced so it can mature and the green matter can break down. A layer of wood chip spread over your garden will inhibit weed growth and will also hold moisture in the soil on hot, sunny days.

Tree stump removal

Arborists remove tree stumps with stump grinders. A stump grinding machine (stump grinder) can remove stumps of any size by grinding the stump and side roots into mulch. The most common grinding depth for a stump grinder is 30 cm below ground level. This allows for easy replanting or reinstatement of lawn.

Consultancy, tree inspection, and report writing

A fully qualified arborist consultant can inspect your trees to determine if they are hazardous or if they have any defects that may develop into hazards in the future. Arborist consultants can recommend many different pruning and tree management practices to ensure that defects do not develp into hazards later on. An arborist consultant can provide you with tree inspection reports, tree survey reports, tree valuation reports, and tree protection reports for construction sites.

A professional tree company will employ only qualified arborists, and will provide all of the services listed above. Be sure to hire qualified arborists and have your trees looked after professionally and properly!